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At BoldFrame, our team specializes in CGI visualization services tailored for architecture, product showcases, and advertisement campaigns. With a diverse range of rendering solutions, we’ve established ourselves as industry leaders. Our inspiration stems from the boundless creativity of our young and passionate designers. Committed to excellence, we deliver high-quality, photorealistic work that meets the ever-growing demand for creativity in the industry.



  • 1. 3D Render (CGIs)
  • 2. Animations Films
  • 3. Configurators & Visualizers
  • 4. Virtual Reality
  • 5. Augmented Reality
  • 6. Real Time Virtual Tour
  • 7. 360 VR and Configurators
  • 8. Photography
  • 9. Graphic Design
  • 10. Web Design
  • 11. Interactive 3D Experience
  • 12. Drone Photography

Global Workforce

With a global presence spanning Asia-Pacific, USA, UK, UAE, BoldFrame’s team has 100+ CGI artists and creative designers who has expertise on architecture, creative design, and advertising, we bring concepts to life with unparalleled realism. Our round-the-clock working patterns ensure seamless support for global clients, solidifying BoldFrame as a leading force in the industry.


RealTime Virtual Tour

Imagine walking through your dream home before you even step outside your current door. Thanks to Real time 3D VR tours, exploring potential properties has become a more immersive and engaging experience. VR allow you to get a realistic feel for the layout, design, and atmosphere of a space, helping you envision yourself living there without the need for multiple physical visits.

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Global Collaboration

We deliver a full spectrum of creative services from brand identity to digital experiences and immersive media. We have got the horsepower to help make your real estate project standout.